The Khapra Beetle is a Pest

Upcoming Extension of Sea Container Measures (Phase 6A) to Protect Against Khapra Beetle

As notified here, the Department of Agriculture, Water, and the Environment will be extending Phase 6A measures to further minimise the risk of the introduction and spread of khapra beetle to high-risk rural areas.

As part of this, Full Container Load/Full Container Consolidated (FCL/FCX) containers that are packed in a khapra beetle target risk country and will be unpacked in a rural nut growing postcode of Australia must be treated offshore using an approved treatment option. This new requirement will only apply to containers exported on or after 15 December 2021.

This is an extension of the measures that commenced 12 July 2021 which introduced mandatory offshore treatment for FCL/FCX containers packed in a khapra beetle target risk country and will be unpacked in a rural grain growing area of Australia.

Postcodes now included to cover rural nut growing areas are: 4569, 4517, 4518, 4858 and 4560. For split postcodes, measures will apply to the rural areas of the postcode only.

Note: From 15 December 2021, the postcode classification used in our systems to describe rural grain and nut growing areas will be updated. The postcode classification ‘rural khapra risk’ will be used to cover both rural grain growing and rural nut growing areas of Australia.

For a list of rural grain growing and rural nut growing area postcodes (now referred to as rural khapra risk) please see the postcode classification search tool.

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For questions and information regarding sea container measures, please phone 1800 900 090 or email (please title the subject line of the email with ‘khapra urgent actions’).

For questions and information related directly to offshore khapra beetle treatments, please email