31 Year Old Man Being Arrested by The AFP.

Trio Charged and 99kg of Meth Stopped from Reaching WA Over Festive Period

The three WA men were arrested by Australian Federal Police officers on 30 December 2021 after a joint agency investigation launched when Australian Border Force officers found the drugs hidden in a 550-kilogram shipment of latex bed pillows.

ABF officers in Fremantle examined the consignment after it arrived on a container ship.  After examining the goods within the container they found anomalies within the latex pillows, which they carefully deconstructed.  Officers located a crystal-like substance which was subsequently referred to the AFP and tested positive to methamphetamine.

AFP forensic specialists established there was approximately 99 kilograms of methamphetamine concealed within the consignment. They replaced the drugs with a harmless substance before the cargo was released for collection.

AFP and ABF officers, with assistance from the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, Department of Home Affairs and WA Police Force, were watching as two men allegedly picked up the boxes of pillows and took them to a property in Maddington. They were met by two other men, and the group allegedly unloaded the boxes into a shipping container and left them there.

Police will allege three men went to the site the next evening and entered the shipping container, where they accessed the boxes.

AFP and ABF officers swooped in and arrested the men as they left the property in a van. The men’s van and a police vehicle collided as the trio allegedly tried to evade authorities.

Ninety-nine kilograms of meth could have been sold to close to one million people as individual street deals, with the estimated street value approximately $100 million.

AFP Acting Assistant Commissioner John Tanti said methamphetamine prices in WA were currently among the highest in the country because COVID border closures had helped to restrict the supply but sadly, demand for the drug remained high.

Meth found in Pillows

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