Ever Forward Finally Free

Tuesday 19/04/22

At 7:12 Sunday morning, the Ever Forward was refloated after being stuck in the mud at Chesapeake Bay for more than a month. A high tide, along with a month’s worth of hard work – dredging around the ship and moving 505 containers – finally brought success, however, now the State of Maryland has asked Evergreen to establish a so-called responsibility fund to pay for costs related to the month-long grounding of the ...

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Ever Forward Container Removal Operation Gets Underway

Wednesday 13/04/22

Container removal began Saturday as part of the Ever Forward boxship refloat operation in Chesapeake Bay.

The process – using barges alongside – will continue in daylight hours throughout this week with four to five containers being offloaded per hour in the complex operation. Approximately 550 containers are expected to be transferred.

The Ever Forward salvage operation began on March 13 after the 334 m long containership grounded in Chesapeake Bay near the Craighill Channel.

Sal Mercogliano, a maritime historian at Campbell ...

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Mumbai Maersk Boxship Runs Aground Near Germany

A giant Maersk containership, Mumbai Maersk has run aground off the German island of Wangerooge in the North Sea. 

The 399 m long and 59 m wide ship was on its way from Rotterdam to the German port city of Bremerhaven when it ran aground at around 23.00 hrs on Wednesday 2nd February.

The operation to free the ship began overnight, with several tugboats and ...

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Ningbo Port Could See Disruption as Zhenhai District Goes into a 14-day Lockdown

Wednesday 8th December 2021

China has imposed a 14-day lockdown at Zhenhai, one of the six districts in Ningbo, amid an increase in coronavirus infections, prompting concerns of port disruptions and worsening supply chain blockages, market sources said.

“Just received an update from our China contacts…Zhenhai district has been locked down due to three positive cases of COVID-19. The lockdown is for 14 days,” a source said. An importer based in the US confirmed the same information, adding that the company’s ...

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Perth Man Arrested for Heroin Hidden in Mascara Bottles

A 28-year-old Perth man was due to face Perth Magistrates Court on 7 August 2021, charged with attempting to possess approximately 440 grams of heroin hidden in mascara bottles.

On 3 August 2021, Australian Border Force officers conducted an examination of a consignment from South Africa which tested positive for heroin.

Australian Federal Police investigators were advised of the detection which resulted in officers executing a controlled delivery of the consignment to a residential address in the Perth suburb of Balga.

AFP officers observed ...

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