Container Port Congestion Spreads Across the Globe Again

Wednesday 6/07/22

Boxport congestion is growing across multiple continents. Clarkson’s containership port congestion index shows that as of last Thursday 36.2% of the global fleet was at port, up from 31.5% in the pre-pandemic years from 2016 to 2019, with Clarksons observing in its latest weekly report that congestion on the US east coast has recently risen to near record levels.

“Ongoing disruption caused by port congestion remains extremely supportive to the charter market, despite trade volumes in 2022 so ...

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Twelve Bodies Recovered From Chinese Ship Sunk By Typhoon

Tuesday 5/07/22

Chinese search and rescue officials pulled 12 bodies on Monday from waters southwest of Hong Kong after an engineering vessel snapped in two and the ship sunk as tropical storm Chaba passed through, state television said.

Maritime authorities of the southern province of Guangdong were stepping up efforts to identify the bodies, suspected to have drowned, after they were retrieved about 50 nautical miles from where the stricken ship sank, it added.

Four of its crew were rescued by ...

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Explosion at Aqaba Port Kills 14 After Crane Drops Container of Chlorine

Wednesday 29/06/22

Up to 14 people have died and more than 250 injured yesterday after a container of chlorine exploded as it was being loaded at the general cargo terminal in the port of Aqaba, in Jordan.

The ship thought to be the 9,400dwt Forest 6 general cargo vessel, was loading a container of 25-30 tonnes of chlorine using a quay crane at around 4.18pm local time when wires snapped, the container dropped onto the deck and exploded, spreading toxic gas around ...

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Three Arrested Over 45kg of Cocaine Hidden in Jukebox From Greece

Monday 27/06/22

Three men were arrested last week as part of a Joint Organised Crime Taskforce (JOCTF) investigation into the importation of cocaine into Melbourne. The arrests followed the importation of approximately 45kg of cocaine hidden in a jukebox from Greece, which was detected by Australian Border Force officers.

A 39-year-old Spotswood man, 26-year-old Reservoir man and a 66-year-old Greek foreign national were all arrested by police on Tuesday.

cocaine hidden in jukebox
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Freight Forwarder Receives Large Fine for Smuggling 7000 Litres of Korean Alcohol

Wednesday 22/06/22

A man already serving a term of imprisonment for importing illicit tobacco into Australia has been fined $20,000 this week in the Perth Magistrates Court after pleading guilty to a separate alcohol smuggling offence under the Customs Act.

The Korean national was charged with one count of smuggling dutiable goods, after Australian Border Force (ABF) officers examined a sea container arriving at Fremantle Port concealing more than 7,000 litres, or 999 boxes of soju, a popular alcoholic drink in Korea.

The ...

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Carriers Are Becoming ‘More Aggressive’ over ‘Unfair’ Container Detention in Australia

Wednesday 15/06/22

Shipping lines calling at Australia are becoming “more aggressive” over container detention, adding to supply chain costs from landside congestion and rising port fees.

According to the Container Transport Alliance Australia (CTAA), there has been little improvement to the country’s container logistics congestion this year.

The CTAA said: “For the past few years, and again currently, the landside sector is facing chronic gate-in and overall capacity constraints at some empty-container parks (ECPs) in some ports, notably Melbourne and Sydney, ...

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Concerns Mount As More, Old Dangerous Goods Found at Chittagong Port

Thursday 9/06/22

Chittagong Port is storing dangerous goods (DG) that are up to 28 years old, according to port sources, as the spotlight turns onto the auction or destruction of the remaining DG, following the devastating fire at the BM Container depot that has so far claimed 44 lives.

The number of fatalities was revised down by authorities, but there are still many injured in hospital.

The fire has reportedly now been extinguished, but concerns have turned ...

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Bangladesh Container Depot Clearing Containers of Chemicals while Fire Rages On

Tuesday 7/06/22

Devastation at the BM Container Depot in Chittagong, following a container fire which was still burning some 46 hours later, has been blamed on the presence of chemical containers that were supposed to be shipped soon.

On 6 June some containers were still burning fiercely and were pouring smoke into the atmosphere at the Sitakunda, Chittagong, inland facility, 40km north of the port, where the fire broke out on Saturday night. Several subsequent blasts reportedly killed ...

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Shanghai Lockdown Over, but Still a Long Way from ‘Business as Usual’

Tuesday 7/06/22

The Shanghai lockdown is over!

However, forwarders have warned that ‘business as usual’ remains a long way off for China’s biggest container port hub, given the ongoing restrictions and the inevitable supply chain hangover from two months of hard lockdown.

Residents can now move freely about the city, but they must have a negative 72-hour Covid test to access offices, public places and transport.

Manufacturers can now operate without special permits or being hampered by closed-loop conditions.

However, a freight ...

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More Than 30 Killed and Hundreds Injured in Bangladesh Container Depot Fire

Monday 6/06/22

A massive fire and a huge explosion in an inland container depot near the port city of Chittagong, Bangladesh, killed at least 30 people and wounded hundreds more.

The fire broke out at BM Container Depot, a Dutch-Bangladesh joint venture company, on Saturday night, triggering multiple container explosions after a huge blast at the site.

The fire is suspected to have originated from a container of hydrogen peroxide before swiftly spreading to other containers. According to local media, the explosion ...

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