Evergreen Declares General Average on Grounded Ever Forward

Friday 1/04/2022

Following the failure to refloat the 12,000 teu Ever Forward this week, Evergreen announced, today that, with the increasing costs of the salvage operation, it had declared General Average.

The Ever Forward container ship ran aground in Chesapeake Bay on March 13 when it was headed from the Port of Baltimore to Norfolk, Virginia.

The ship has not been blocking any navigation, unlike its sister vessel, the Ever Given, which got stuck and blocked traffic for days ...

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General Average.. what exactly is it?

Imagine a cargo ship full of containers on its voyage and something unexpected happens during the trip, anything from:

  • Theft of Goods
  • Loss or Damage
  • Sinking, Capsizing, Container dumping
  • Loading and Unloading incidents
  • Warehousing and storage issues
  • Fire

General Average is a principle of maritime law that essentially establishes that all sea cargo stakeholders (owner, shipper, etc.) evenly share any damage or losses that may occur as a result of voluntary sacrifice of part of the vessel or cargo to save the whole in an emergency.

A good ...

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