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Supply Chain Disruption – Lockdowns in China.. Again

Although a “muted” peak season for shipping, a new wave of Covid-19 lockdowns in China are hitting key ports making it the latest issue hampering the already disrupted supply chain.

Covid-19 restrictions are impacting supply chains at Ningbo, Shanghai, and Tianjin, some of the worlds busiest shipping ports. Ningbo (the third busiest container shipping port worldwide) is reportedly the worst affected with forwarders reporting disruption around the port going into lockdown. Trucking green channels and closed-loop management were quickly installed at the port with a significant drop in available truck drivers.

“The terminal, port and warehouse in Beilun are closed. The ‘white-list’ system for container truck drivers has been implemented, but most container trucks were blocked in a parking lot, as a positive case was found there this week, a freight forwarder has said.

“Very small quantum trucks are on the road, but drivers with travel permits are not welcome in other areas. FCL container pre-carriage and delivery by round-trip truck is severely impacted.” The forwarder continued.

Where the Beilun District is in China | Google Maps

Various key Chinese Ports have faced repeated lockdowns over the past couple of years, with Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, reaffirming in recent days he has no plans yet to take the brakes off his zero-covid policy.

In Shanghai, a freight forwarder said sporadic cases of Covid-19 were resulting in isolated lockdowns in the city and “delays are expected”, despite normal operations at the port, terminals and warehouses. 48-hour validated nucleic acid testing is still mandatory for cross-province trucking services.

And there is a similar situation in Tianjin, where another forwarder said areas were under ‘closed-off management’, with seaports, airports and warehouses “operating with reduced efficiency.”

Meanwhile, Zhengzhou, a key air cargo hub, also went into lockdown this week, impacting a million people in Zhongyuan district.

Some Ocean and Air Ports that are affected by the lockdowns in China.
The Red Dots Show Some Ports and Zhengzhou Air Cargo Hub that are Being Impacted by the Lockdown | Google Maps

So be prepared for some more delays and disruption to come which unfortunately seems to be never ending over these past few years.

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