Firearms and Firearm Components Seized

Officers from the WA Police Force’s Licensing Services, Compliance and Inquiry Team and the Australian Border Force executed a search warrant at a residence in Helena Valley. The search warrant was executed as part of an investigation into the importation of items used in the manufacture of firearms, as well as the procurement of large amount of manufacturing tools.

It will be alleged the following items were seized during the search warrant:

  • Five x home-made silencers
  • Nine x steel barrels comprising of various diameters (imported from China).
  • Two x 3D printers
  • Three x 3D firearm trigger housings
  • Two x 3D firearm housing parts
  • Two x homemade metal trigger actions
  • Five x firearm rifled barrels
  • 6,000 rounds of .22LR ammunition
  • Other boxes of .308, .22, .38 and 9mm ammunition
  • Various pieces of equipment used to manufacture firearms and/or components of firearms, including a forming press, a lathe, a milling machine, rifling buttons, and two x 300 AAC Blackout finisher reamers for chamber rifle finishing.

In addition to the above items nine licensed firearms (four pistols and five rifles) were seized, pending a review of the Firearms Licence holder’s suitability to retain his licence.

A 31-year-old man from Helena Valley has been charged with:

  • Unlicensed Manufacture of Firearms/Ammunition
  • Possession of contrivance known as a Silencer
  • Failed to comply with firearm or ammunition storage requirements
  • Possess a Prohibited Drug (Cannabis)
Firearms seized
Firearms Seized

“People need to understand holding a legitimate firearms licence does not allow you to import firearms or firearms parts without a permit. Anyone considering importing firearms or firearm parts should be very clear about the regulations in place and ensure that they comply with them,” ABF acting Superintendent Linda Jose said.

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