Changes to Australian Customs & Quarantine Import Charges

Customs ‘Import Processing Charges’ – Effective 1-Jan-2016

Starting from 1-Jan-2016 Australian Customs and Border Protection has restructured their Import Processing Charges. As part of the restructuring there will no longer be a price distinction between air / post and sea shipments.

The charge summary further down outlines the main charges while a more detailed breakdown can be found HERE.

Quarantine ‘Import Declaration Charge’ – Effective 1-Dec-15

The Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (aka Quarantine) have also restructured their charges.

The charge summary further down outlines the main charges while more detailed breakdowns can be found as follows:

  • Biosecurity: Import Declaration charges HERE
  • Department of Agriculture and Water Resources: Charging Guidelines effective to 30-Jun-2016 HERE. The charging guidelines also outline the change in charges over the next few years and can be found in the relevant appendices.

Charge Summary

Consignment Value Mode Customs Import Processing Charge Quarantine Import Declaration Charge Total
<= AUD1,000 Air / Post & Sea 0.00 0.00 0.00
AUD1,000 to AUD10,000 Air / Post 50.00 33.00 83.00
Sea 50.00 42.00 92.00
>= AUD10,000 Air / Post 152.00 33.00 185.00
Sea 152.00 42.00 194.00

* These charges are invoiced as part of the Duty / GST on your Customs entry and are correct as at 1-Jan-2016