GST on Low Value Imports Expected Soon

For years Australian shops have complained that online or overseas retailers had an unfair advantage by not having to collect GST for sales made in Australia. Despite government reviews showing that the cost of collecting GST on low value imports would outweigh the revenue earned it was announced at the last Federal Budget that GST on all imports would be applicable from 1-Jul-17. If the Bill does not pass through Parliament by this date it will start from the next ...

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Hanjin Troubles to Cause Delays

Earlier this week Hanjin Shipping announced that it is filing court receivership after its main creditor refused to provider any further financial support to the troubled line. With over 100 container vessels on the water (plus over 100 other vessel types) transporting 3.7 million TEU of containerised goods per annum it comes as no surprise that the effects of this news is being felt worldwide.

Over the next couple of months a South Korean court will decide if the company ...

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New Requirements – Verified Container Weight

Effective 1-Jul-2016 the International Maritime Organization (IMO) have adopted amendments requiring the containers’ gross weight to be verified prior to loading on a vessel. Containers without a verified gross mass (VGM) will not be loaded onto vessels from this date. This applies to all containers loaded on a vessel under the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) regime.

This legislation was introduced to increase the safety of both terminal and vessel crew and to reduce the risk of damage to not only ...

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China / Australia Free Trade Agreement – Now in Effect

Six months ago the China / Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) was signed with the intention of reducing the cost of trade between the two countries. With the agreement coming into effect 20th December 2015 we are now beginning to see the benefits as well as some of the processes importers need to follow to take advantage of the trade concessions.

For importers to take advantage of the discounted duties provided by ChAFTA the supplier must provide a Certificate of Origin ...

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GST on Online Purchases

Earlier this month NAB released their analysis of online retail sales for August 2015 showing an increase of 0.6% after the decrease of 1.4% in July (source). The consensus seems to be that while online sales appear to be erratic there is an overall trend reflecting slow but consistent growth. The report also estimates that in the past 12 months up to August 2015 Australians spent $17.5bn online however it didn’t indicate how much of these sales were GST ...

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China / Australia Free Trade Agreement

The China / Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) was signed 17-June-15 with the aim of reducing the cost of trade between the two countries over the next 20 years.

Over 85 per cent of Australia’s goods exports to China (by value in 2013) will enter duty free when ChAFTA enters into force, rising to 93 per cent after four years and 95 per cent when ChAFTA is fully implemented. Some of the key benefits of ChAFTA include:

  • Making our goods exports more ...
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Australian Trusted Trader Program – Key Points

What is it?
The Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) program is an internationally recognised compliance framework for importing and exporting with Australia.

What is the benefit of the program?
The program will allow organisations accredited as a Trusted Trader access to priority and streamlined services

Who will qualify?
Organisations holding an ABN will need a history of trade compliance, strict security procedures and established business processes to be recognised as low-risk and to become accredited as a Trusted Trader.

When will the program ...

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Amazing Photographs of LA Port Congestion

The ongoing labour dispute at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach has left cargo ships and trucks with nowhere to go.

Mike Kelly is a LA Photographer who had a unique view of the Port congestion as he flew into LAX on a commercial flight. With an interest in infrastructure Mike couldn’t wait to get back up into the air and photograph these amazing images.

Mike Kelly said on his blog “I saw all of these giant ...

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US West Coast Congestion Update

Overcrowding continues to blight the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, with ships forced to berth outside the harbour because of lack of berth availability, and more than 40 vessels due to arrive over the next three days.
The delays, which continued over the Christmas holidays, come as shippers, ocean carriers and terminal operators await word from labour leaders about whether they will accept mediation on a new contract for US west coast longshore workers.
Employers finally decided last ...

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Gate Installation for Panama Canal Expansion

The new gate measuring 10m x 30m weighing 3,285 tons is the first of 16 new gates needed at both ends of the canal for the expansion.


The expansion project costing over USD5 billion is now 85% complete and is expected to be finished in 2015. The expansion doubles the capacity of the Canal and will allow ships around 50% larger, with over twice as ...

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