Two more Australians arrested in connection to an international $301 million MDMA bust

Two more Australians have been arrested and charged in connection to a major joint international MDMA drug investigation originating in The Netherlands in 2019. The pair are accused of being members of an Australian-based criminal syndicate who attempted to take possession of 150kg of MDMA in Queensland in 2019.

Investigators allege the two men travelled from Sydney to Queensland in October 2019 to meet with a representative of a Netherlands-based criminal syndicate to acquire the illicit drugs. The duo have ...

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$2.7 million worth of cocaine concealed in clay bricks

A Sydney man has been charged as part of ongoing investigations into the alleged importation of cocaine worth $2.7 million concealed in clay bricks.

The air cargo consignment which arrived into Sydney from the United Kingdom, was declared to contain two clay bricks. The consignment was examined by Australian Border Force (ABF) officers who noted inconsistencies.

During a subsequent deconstruction, the consignment was found to container 9kg of compacted white power within the items which returned a presumptive positive result ...

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Victoria’s second largest liquid meth haul worth $80.7 million seized

540kg of liquid methamphetamine worth an estimated $80.7 million was seized after the border controlled drug was discovered concealed inside a shipment of thousands of canola oil bottles sent from Mexico to Melbourne.

Australian Border Force (ABF) officers identified the suspicious consignment spread across two shipping containers when it arrived in Victoria.

Australian Federal Police (AFP) officers seized the shipment, which contained a total of 9,360 canola oil bottles. Forensic testing later confirmed 269 of the bottles contained an estimated 538 ...

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Asbestos Compliance

Some great information about Asbestos provided from the Australian Border Force (ABF) was included in the latest issue of the AvantiFM Newsletter that is worth raising again. The ABF will continue to focus on asbestos compliance this year, service providers and importers should take a precautionary approach when importing into Australia goods that present a high risk for containing asbestos.

While the ABF has fully applied Australia’s asbestos border controls since the introduction of legislation listing asbestos as a prohibited ...

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1kg of Heroin, cash, and firearms seized in joint investigation, Gold Coast

A Robina man has been charged in connection with attempting to import a kilogram of heroin into Queensland. Officers from the Australian Border Force (ABF), in Sydney, had recently detected the heroin which had been sent through the international mail stream.

Police executed a search warrant at a Robina residence where a 20-year-old man was arrested and charged with multiple drug and weapon offences.

During the search of the man’s residence and vehicle, police located and seized a .22 calibre ...

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Man charged after seizure of 34kg of drugs from Melbourne ‘safe house’

Joint Taskforce Icarus members have arrested and charged a 35-year-old Melbourne man, in connection to a 34kg seizure of drugs from an alleged ‘safe house’ early this year. Investigators arrested the Melbourne man at his city apartment and he is the fourth person charged with serious drug offences as a result of the joint taskforce investigation codenamed Operation Trento.

In January the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Victoria Police officers seized 13.3kg of methamphetamine and 20.8kg of the border ...

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Two men charged after 63 kilograms of Meth was found hidden in shipping pallets

Two men from Sydney have been charged with attempting to possess a commercial quantity of unlawfully imported border controlled drugs, contrary to section 307.5 of the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth), after allegedly importing 63 kilograms of meth concealed inside shipping pallets from Malaysia, with an estimated street value of $18.9 million. The maximum penalty for this offence is life imprisonment.

The men were arrested after the Australian Federal Police (AFP) conducted a controlled delivery of the consignment to an address in Guildford ...

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Number of men set to be charged in international $47 million cocaine investigation

Five men allegedly connected to 188 kilograms of cocaine seized by Australian authorities in 2019 have been arrested, with a sixth man to be served a court attendance notice after an extensive international multi-agency investigation.

The men are being questioned by police after being taken into custody during a series of coordinated pre-dawn search warrants in New South Wales.

Police believe the men are part of a transnational criminal syndicate that intended to distribute the cocaine throughout Australia after it was supplied ...

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Man sentenced to 7 years in prison for his part in the importation of 1.2 tonnes of Ephedrine

A 23 year old man has been sentenced to 7 years in prison after pleading guilty for his part in importing 1.2 tonnes of Ephedrine.

A shipment declared as furniture was X-rayed by Australian Border Force (ABF) officers at the Sydney Container Examination facility. During the X-ray, officers noted anomalies in the contents of the container.

A physical examination of the container revealed 127 boxes hidden behind a large amount of wooden furniture which included chairs, tables and couches. The boxes were ...

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Warnings over spike in banned dog collar detections

An alarming spike in the number of banned ‘pronged’ dog collars detected at the border has prompted a warning from the Australian Border Force (ABF).

The collars are considered dangerous due to the possibility of the prongs causing injury by puncturing or bruising a dog’s neck during use, even if unintentional, and the potential for misuse, and as such are classified as a prohibited import.

The majority of intercepted consignments are of single collars and banned collars have been detected by ABF ...

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