AvantiFM Newsletter include Shipping Industry Updates.

AvantiFM Newsletters 2021

December 2021

December 2021 Issue 1

  • Industry Update
  • Airport congestion and staff shortages means cargo is not getting picked up
  • Container transport alliance renews container detention fee call
  • Danish patrol kills four pirates in Gulf of Guinea: Navy
  • Container line schedule reliability remains around just 34%
  • Pondus weighing solution for Patrick Terminals – Sydney AutoStrad
  • 140kg of Methamphetamine concealed in catering equipment seized
  • Dalian bans reefer imports in wake of latest Covid outbreak
  • China blocks access to shipping location data
  • Container shipping lines smash profits made by Facebook. Amazon, Netflix, and Google
  • Is the Supply Chain broken?

December 2021 Issue 2

  • Industry Update
  • Four major threats almost guaranteeing another challenging year for shippers
  • China cabin cargo ban will add pressure on air capacity and freight rates
  • 101 ships spread across 1,000 miles waiting for berth space at LA and Long Beach
  • Upcoming extension of container measures (6A) to protect against Khapra Beetle
  • Ningbo port could see disruption as Zenhai district goes into a 14-day lockdown
  • Seafarer shot and others kidnapped from containership in Gulf of Guinea
  • Box spot rates climb to new highs
  • Shipping line detention policies Christmas/New Year 2021
  • Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment & Australian Border Force industry advice and notices
  • Department of Agriculture, Water, and the Environment biosecurity matters – edition 4 2021 & BMSB season newsletter 2

November 2021

November 2021 Issue 1

  • Industry Update
  • The Australian Competition And Consumer Commission (ACCC) Container Stevedoring Monitoring Report 2020-21
  • ‘Corporate Arrogance’ claim as Patrick seeks to end agreement with Maritime Union of Australia
  • Evergreen sets the bar very low with schedule reliability of just 13%
  • Victoria International Container Terminal revised tariff – Effective 1 January 2022
  • Los Angeles and Long Beach to issue fines for containers that overstay their welcome
  • Two men sentenced to 17 years jail each for record Australian cocaine seizure
  • Box shipping welcomes new vessel class
  • Container ship catches fire after over 100 containers lost overboard – Video in link
  • IATA air cargo up 3.1% in September, capacity remains constrained

November 2021 Issue 2

  • Industry Update
  • The 2020-21 Australian Competition And Consumer Commission (ACCC) Container Stevedoring Monitoring Report causes a stir between Shipping Australia Limited and The Container Transport Alliance Australia
  • Maritime Union of Australia to withdraw industrial action
  • Singapore opens mega-port storage early to ease container bottlenecks
  • Maersk CEO: Port bottlenecks won’t improve anytime soon – Video
  • Suez Canal authority hikes fees by 6%
  • Three men charged with Cocaine inside Playstation
  • DP World Australia statement on ACCC stevedoring monitoring report
  • Khapra beetle phase 4 and 5, and extension on phase 6A measures
  • Priceless Incan carving to head home
  • Shipowners make payoffs to free vessels held by Indonesian Navy near Singapore

October 2021

October 2021 Issue 1

  • Industry Update
  • Anticipated permit assessment delays
  • Agreements ‘being ripped up’ by lines as shippers are left in the dark
  • ‘Plan ahead’, says Maersk, unveiling plans to skip ports as demand grows
  • Container line schedule reliability hits new low of 33.6%
  • Power cuts hit China factories and give container shipping another shock
  • Coast guard investigating whether ship anchored at wrong location caused O.C oil spill
  • DP World terminal access charges increase – Effective 1 January 2022
  • Prime Minister announces opening of Australia’s international border in November – Airfreight implications
  • Maritime Union of Australia protected industrial action notices

October 2021 Issue 2

  • Industry Update
  • Hong Kong seizes smuggled Australian lobsters amid China ban
  • Exporters and farmers fear market loss as Covid-19 drives sea freight costs sky high
  • No end in sight for China power crisis as pressure grows on supply chains
  • Shipping crisis pushing some companies to charter cargo planes for $2 million or more
  • President Biden challenges private sector to tackle supply chain logjams
  • Australian authorities seize 450KG of Heroin found in shipping container in Melbourne
  • Stink bugs cause shipping delays for Australian car imports
  • Germans put theory into practice with autonomous truck pilot
  • Maritime Union of Australia protected industrial action notices

September 2021

September 2021 Issue 1

  • Industry Update
  • A record breaking 44 container ships are stuck off the coast of California
  • Container shipping earnings now rival Apple
  • Supply chain crisis won’t end until consumer demand falls, says worlds largest shipping firms
  • HMM seafarers step up pay protest, and now office staff also vote to strike
  • Bendigo small business falls victim to shipping container scam, and it’s not alone
  • Sydney man nabbed over Australia’s largest Heroin seizure in almost two decades
  • ‘Big chaos’ coming as lack of air freight capacity will see peak season rates soar
  • BICON update – Methyl Bromide fumigation certificate requirements for Khapra beetle
  • Clean ship hulls have huge environmental benefits
  • Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) looks at accusations carriers are refusing chemical shipments

September 2021 Issue 2

  • Industry Update
  • Where in the world is my cargo?
  • CMA CGM data hack leaves confused customers in the dark
  • New gateway clearance measures to benefit importers and transport providers
  • Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) initiates liner and terminal investigations
  • Sea piracy in Nigeria drops 80%
  • The insider story of the ship that broke global trade – Video
  • World Maritime Day 2021: Theme, history, significance and how it is celebrated
  • Global shortage of shipping containers highlights their importance in getting goods to Amazon warehouses, store shelves, and your door in time for Christmas
  • Maritime Union of Australia protected industrial action notifications

August 2021

August 2021 Issue 1

  • Industry Update
  • ‘This madness must stop’ – Clients go bust as shipping lines pile on surcharges
  • Australian & New Zealand congestion cause soaring costs for carriers
  • Exports to Pakistan – Important Update
  • Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment release short video outlining the risk of the khapra beetle
  • Two jailed over yacht containing 990kg of methamphetamine
  • More freight delays expected in China due to typhoon
  • Maritime Union of Australia protected industrial action notices
  • Brown marmorated stink bug BMSM seasonal measures 2021-22
  • Revised minimum documentary and import declaration requirements policy comes into effect 2nd August 2021
  • Schedule reliability at low level with no improvement forecast

August 2021 Issue 3

  • Industry Update
  • More misery for Australian shippers forced into sport buying as detention & demurrage fees rise
  • Increased online spending, demand, congestion, the busiest ports in the world and how the shipping industry is handling the pandemic
  • Ships resume berthing at Ningbo’s halted terminal in China
  • Christmas shopping warning for Aussies as retailers grapple with supply issues
  • Service providers have no control over containers on border hold
  • UK drivers desert container runs for sectors that deliver better pay and conditions
  • Khapra beetle phase 3 measures: New requirements for high risk plant products imported via all commercial pathways
  • American Airlines suspends Australian cargo and passenger flights for 2 months
  • Sydney man linked to plot to import $8 million worth of illicit cigarettes
  • Maersk orders fleet of eight green methanol dual-powered box ships

August 2021 Issue 2

  • Industry Update
  • Changes to Khapra Beetle measures
  • Box lines ignore contracts and ‘collude’ to force shippers onto inflated spot market
  • Shipping industry braces as China experiences their worst Covid outbreak in a year
  • Meidong Container Terminal at Port of Ningbo-Zoushan in China suspends operations over single Covid-19 case
  • How will the electronic bill of lading improve the export process?
  • International Air Transport Association (IATA) provides updated lithium battery transport guidance
  • Shipping container shortages and delays at ports cause headaches for exporters and importers
  • Chinese sailor crushed to death during open sea ship transfer
  • Cargo ship splits in two, causes oil slick after running aground in Japan
  • 62 year old man charged over methamphetamine found in mail import

July 2021

July 2021 Issue 1

  • Industry Update
  • UN: Sri Lanka ship fire caused “significant damage to planet”
  • Yantian to return to full operations, box backlog expected to take many weeks to clear
  • Ever Given crew close to freedom after agreement reached
  • Maritime Union of Australia reaches agreement with the Victorian International Container Terminal, Patrick Terminals in Brisbane and Melbourne, and Hutchison Ports in Sydney and Brisbane
  • Two Western Australian men charged over cocaine importation
  • New national website launches as a hub for biosecurity information
  • Concentrated national audit program – Importers
  • Operation Ironside: Sydney man charged in connection with a 10 million euro Cocaine seizure in Belgium
  • International Forwarders & Customs Brokers Association of Australia’s (IFCBAA) letter to Patrick Terminals CEO
  • 145-2021: Sea container measures to protect against Khapra Beetle

July 2021 Issue 2

  • Industry Update
  • Shipper anger and confusion as ‘opaque’ global Detention & Demurrage charges double
  • Documentary requirements for fumigation certificates for imported goods
  • Illegal logging prohibition regulation 2012 sunsetting review
  • Warning to shippers: expect high freight rates and disruption to last a while
  • ECS – New empty container park near Port Botany
  • Container ship explosion in Dubai felt by residents 25km away
  • Ocean carriers push back on White House scrutiny of pricing
  • 2021-41: Plant export operations – Updated requirements for food manufacturers exporting to China
  • Ocean carriers ‘arm twisting’ to sell space
  • Container congestion registered in every corner of the planet

June 2021

June 2021 Issue 1

  • Industry Update
  • No end in sight to global shipping chaos
  • Shipments delayed: ocean carrier shipping times surge in supply-chain crunch
  • International Forwarders & Customs Brokers Association of Australia (IFCBAA) meets with national transport commission on national guidelines for stevedore infrastructure and access charges
  • Sri Lanka faces ‘worst beach pollution’ in history from burning cargo ship
  • Warning about myGOV impersonation email scam
  • 2020-21 end of BSMSB season newsletter
  • US produce shippers face a new export crisis: now pallets are in short supply
  • Australian stranded coal ship docks in China after a year at sea
  • $40 Million in illegal tobacco seized from QLD Towoomba region
  • Video: Boxship allision causes crane collapse in Taiwan
  • ABF target asbestos in imported building products

June 2021 Issue 2

  • Industry Update
  • Destructive Khapra Beetle detected in shipment at Western Australian warehouse
  • China’s trade bottleneck could be worse than the Suez Canal blockage
  • Shipping cost surcharge raises retail price pressures and inflation risks
  • Deja vu in Australia’s ports as terminals are hit by new round of strikes
  • Biggest Heroin bust in Western Australia’s history
  • Disruption to shipping could delay Christmas orders
  • Burned, submerged cargo ship spills tonnes of plastic granules into the sea and may be leaking oil
  • Ever Given ship: Ikea, Lenovo & other businesses still have products stuck in Suez Canal
  • HMM reports cyber attack on its global email system

May 2021

May 2021 Issue 1

  • Industry Update
  • Shipping during COVID-19: Why container freight rates have surged
  • Australian fruit face delays at Chinese ports due to strict anti-virus inspections
  • MSC rolls out electronic Bill Of Lading globally
  • $2.7 million worth of Cocaine concealed in clay bricks seized
  • Victorian International Container Terminal (VICT) infrastructure surcharge and new VBS charges
  • Scott Morrison announces $370M in Biosecurity funding at Beef Australia 2021
  • Victoria’s second largest liquid Meth haul worth $80.7 million seized
  • Gulf of Guinea persists as maritime security hotspot
  • 17 year old girl charged with trying to import $16M worth of Heroin after cops intercepted ‘huge haul of Chinese drugs hidden in her wardrobe’
  • Egyptian court rejects appeal against Ever Given detention in the Suez Canal

May 2021 Issue 2

  • Industry Update
  • Pacific International Lines (PIL) heavy weight surcharge
  • Protected Industrial Action by Maritime Union of Australia at Patrick Terminals
  • Marks and numbers – Minimum marking requirements for cargo
  • Australian-first Covid vaccinations for foreign seafarers in Port Botany
  • Revised schedule and update on implementation of urgent actions for the khapra beetle
  • Suez Canal chief says southern stretch to be expanded
  • Fire that erupted on a capsized cargo ship off the Georgia coast has been extinguished
  • Global shipping fleet to sound horns on 25th June to send a clear message to the world with a #ShoutOutForSeafarers
  • Investigation launched after almost $100 million worth of ‘ice’ concealed in BBQ grills seized
  • Another ‘new normal’ as container rollover rates continue to increase

April 2021

April 2021 Issue 1

  • Industry Update
  • Shipping container crisis could spark another toilet paper shortage
  • Philippine Government aids effort to free kidnapped tanker crew
  • Number of men set to be charged in international $47 million Cocaine investigation
  • The Suez Canal blockage may be cleared, but experts warn the impact will be seen on the supply chain for months to come
  • An alarming spike in the number of banned pronged dog collars detected at the border
  • Owner of ‘Ever Given’ declared general average – Marine insurance matters!
  • Port of Melbourne receives its longest vessel as Maersk repositions boxes
  • Fire erupted on deck of stricken Antarctic supply ship MPV Everest
  • Western Sydney man charged with importing Meth and Cocaine

April 2021 Issue 2

  • Industry Update
  • Exclusive offer for Avanti clients! – Receive 2 months free on IncoDocs subscriptions
  • Shipping industry clears record volume of empties; Maersk deploys massive empty loader
  • Spotlight on asbestos compliance from The Australian Border Force
  • Egypt impounds Ever Given ship over $900 million Suez Canal compensation bill
  • Hapag address container shortage with large order for new boxes
  • New Zealand bans cattle exports by sea, with two-year phase out
  • Federal Maritime Commission targets refunds for unfair carrier demurrage and detention charges
  • Two men charged after 63 kilograms of Meth was found hidden in shipping pallets
  • Will a ship carrying Australian cargo get stuck.. in ice?
  • United Nations urges authorities to ‘monitor freight rates’ and ‘strengthen competition’
  • Faster biosecurity border clearance

March 2021

March 2021 Issue 1

  • Industry Update
  • WA man charged over importing Meth worth $276,000 from the U.S to WA
  • Khapra beetle – The story so far
  • 260 containers lost overboard on the Maresk Eidhoven
  • No slack season, no easing of sport rates as cargo pours out of Asia
  • Man charged over alleged import of Cocaine worth $2.5 million
  • Minister for Agriculture, Drought, and Emergency Management has acknowledged industry concerns with delays in receiving Biosecurity document assessment and inspections
  • Update on the Industrial Action taken by the Maritime Union off Australia

March 2021 Issue 3

  • Industry Update
  • DP World further increase in terminal access charges – effective 1st May 2021
  • Qantas terminal service fees amendment – effective 5th April 2021
  • Illicit tobacco taskforce targets international and domestic tobacco smuggling rings
  • Container stack collapse can lead to PTSD
  • Wool exporters face credit squeeze as shipping delays add up to 40 days to export times to China and Europe
  • Rescue in floodwaters on Hawkesbury river averts collision between shipping container and houseboats
  • Cocaine filled vessel seized off NSW coast, one man arrested
  • Cargo ship becomes wedged in Suez Canal causing huge traffic jam on one of the world’s busiest trade routes
  • Tech solutions are plugging in to help ease widening congestion at global ports
  • Man sentenced to 7 years in prison for his part in the importation of 1.2 Tonnes of Ephedrine

March 2021 Issue 2

  • Industry Update
  • Freight train derailment on NSW mid coast to delay services
  • Russia’s export tax expected to deliver big pay day for Australian farmers
  • Australia lifts ban on cargo flights from Bangladesh after security revamp
  • Israeli – owned ship hit by a explosion in the Middle East
  • Maersk pleads for military backup against West Africa pirates
  • $84.3 million in illegal tobacco seized in NSW & VIC border in a two-day blitz
  • Trucking charged at Australian container ports are surging and consumers may foot the bill

February 2021

February 2021 Issue 1

  • Industry Update
  • Australia’s diplomatic divorce with China is getting more expensive
  • Tow Iranian nationals charged with 250KG Meth import
  • Jail for masterminds of record WA cigarette importation
  • China looks ready to step in again and put a cap on ocean freight rates
  • Carriers face load restrictions after new container spill from Maersk Essen
  • One killed, 15 kidnapped in violent pirate attack off Nigeria

February 2021 Issue 2

  • Industry Update
  • Neptune declaration on seafarer wellbeing and crew change
  • Australian exports feel the pinch as shipping container shortage and COVID-19 protocols take a toll
  • Victorian International Containership Terminal warns of serious industrial action at the Port of Melbourne
  • Los Angeles Port – backlog of vessels impacting schedules
  • Containership schedule at lowest level since records began
  • Tree new block train connections in Ukraine
  • Hutchison Ports – Infrastructure levy and landside tariffs
  • Patrick weight amendment fee for containers – Update
  • Dnata annual revisions of terminal service fees – Effective 1 March

January 2021

January 2021 Issue 1  

  • Industry Update
  • Updated information on Australian Trusted Trader
  • National Approach to stevedore infrastructure charges
  • Exportation of goods during COVID-19 human biosecurity period
  • Asia-North Europe rates pass $10,000
  • Importation of COVID-19 vaccines
  • China’s ‘The Global Times’ appear to confirm a ban on Australian Coal imports
  • Patricks launch new weighing solution

January 2021 Issue 2

  • Industry Update
  • Maritime Union goes on strike… again
  • Man charged after $675,000 worth of MDMA concealed in wine bottles seized
  • Shipping industry baulks at extra fees at Port Hedland for Iron Ore
  • Concern over ‘Gravely Dangerous’ Gulf of Guinea situation
  • Ship member charged after allegedly swimming into Western Australian Port against quarantine rules
  • ONE inks long-term charter for six 24,000 containership builds
  • Record rates unlikely at their peak Maersk says